Dec 14, 2010

Bill and Tom's great grandfather celebrates his 100th birthday.

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Bill and Tom Congratulations grandpa Paul to "100" from Tokyo

Paul Pitz yesterday had every reason to be happy back at full life. Has lasted 100 years - and all who know him want him even as many good years on earth. On 13 Born in December 1910, he saw the Emperor and leader, State Council President and Chancellor. In Samswegen he spent the first years, then grew up by their father in this village south. In 1936 he married Charlotte, the 59 years remained at his side. Paul's beloved wife died in 1995. But they gave him two daughters, who in turn provides two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

At the birthday table in the retirement home Hansa Park yesterday it was too lively. Daughter Ingelore Kaulitz was also at his side as Doreen granddaughter or great-grandchildren William Kaulitz Kaulitz (11). His most famous offspring, Bill and Tom Kaulitz came forward in the afternoon by telephone from Tokyo. The now 21-year-old "Tokio Hotel"-Stars are currently in Tokyo - for the first time in her career. They congratulated her great-grandfather probably with a serenade by mobile phone. "I'm very proud of the two guys," says Paul Pitz, which is remarkably vital.

The official congratulations from the Town Hall, Mayor Koch made Rüdiger, Senior bluntly clear that he had actually expected Lutz Truemper, "But oh well, Monday is likely to be a day filled with important dates." A Trümper at his table would have been for Paul Pitz a special touch - after all, has his granddaughter Simone Kaulitz (this is the mother of Bill and Tom) Gordon Trümper recently married - and thus makes the same last name as mayor of Magdeburg.

Perhaps Magdeburg currently have inherited most famous world stars its surge of great-grandfather. Because as a young man was also a high flyer - as a pigeon breeder, he acknowledged the prices as his great-grandson from the same rows. Even as a boxer, cyclist and rider, Paul Pitz claimed. His perseverance and his iron will of the 100-year-old owes even his leg. When he was in World War II, a fragmentation grenade caught, he wanted to box, doctors remove the leg. He resisted stubbornly, pulled the shrapnel out for yourself to build a rail and learned to walk again with an iron will. "Yes, my father was always very tough and athletic," said Inge daughter and smiles gratefully. (Jja)

Caption: Tom and Bill Kaulitz, living with mother Simone Trümper in Los Angeles, announced yesterday in Tokyo at her great-grandfather: "Happy 100th"

Google translation of their grand dad's 100 birthday.

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