Hi there :)I'm Christina or Xristina whatever you prefer to call me it's the same for me :P I'm 23.As a character i can be kind,social and funny if i want to but as a  human being i'm nervous and i worry too much about little things i discovered Tokio Hotel in 2007 *_* when i saw the video clip of 'By your side'.I really loved it and i started searching videos and photos of them.One day i find out some blogs and i decided to make my own this one actually i said if the others can do it so do i xD I saw them once here in Greece in 9.10.09 and it was the most amazing day of my life i hope one day i'll have lot of money to see them any time.
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 Heyy! My name is Veronica but friends call me Vero, i'm 21 and i live in Greece! ^_^ I love music & i'm a Tokio Hotel fan since 2006 :) 
09.10.2009  :')
 I love meeting new people so feel free to add/follow me :D 
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Hallo liebe TH fans I am Magda the greek :P My friends call me Magdoid ( from Humanoid) and as you can imagine i am a fan of Tokio Hotel ...
An obsessed fan i could say :P I am 19 years old and i am a TH fan 5 years now... The first TH song that i heard was Monsoon ,on the radio, but after that i google that weard name for a band "Tokio Hotel" and i found out that all their other songs were SO "geil" as the first i have heard.The first and the only time i've seen them live was on 09.10.09 when they came in Greece.That was the best day in my life so far.... :') I am the most recent admin at this blog but i am charmed from the support and views that we have.That's it ALIENS we are all the same... with a same mean in our lifes :) keep loving them :P

My name is Mirella or Mireloid I’m 18 and I am from Greece but I live in Switzerland!!! I’m new at the blog and I am so glad to be a member of it As a Tokio Hotel fan I love their music and craziness and I am so happy that I have seen them live twice ,1 in Greece (09-10-09) and 1 in Zurich (31-03-10) .  
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