May 6, 2013

Tokio Hotel answers your questions about Georg!

Here we go! Our answers to your questions about Georg. Enjoy ;-)
Elcin Alienness: Is he the "maturest" member of the band?
Gustav: He's definitely the oldest but the youngest in his mind! Ha!
Tom: True! He's still in his second anal phase which means his mind is the one of a 2-3 year old! Haha!
Bill: No, Georg is the most prudent guy of the band. A scrimper... sometimes like a really stuffy old man. Tom: We all love him!
Michelle Chamaya Sánchez: Is he good at keeping secrets?
Gustav: Yes he is.
Bill: I think we all are. At least when it comes to band secrets! None of us would ever tell any secrets about the other guys to someone else.
Tom: We wouldn't be a band for so long if it hadn’t been be like that. We trust each other 100%. We're like 4 brothers!
Nashwa Khan: What’s Georg's biggest fear?
Tom: I don't know what his biggest fear is now but I know what it was some years ago.
Gustav: "Lass uns hier raus"!
Tom: Yes! When we played this song LIVE he always had a short solo part at the beginning of the second vers and he ALWAYS messed it up!
Bill: Even though we don't play this song anymore... I think it's still his biggest fear! Haha!