May 25, 2013

Facebook Update - 25.05.2013

It’s time for OUR answers to your „Bill-Questions“! Enjoy...

Gabby Foianini: What's Bill's biggest dream?
Tom: I guess it's the same dream everybody has. To live a happy life! Be on the road with the band, spend time with family, friends, just people you love, find a nice place to live
and be free in mind and soul. Freedom is still the most important thing for him. That's not always easy...

Alessia Comerci: What's the most embarrassing thing that Bill made on stage?
Georg: He hit his mouth with the mic big time and nearly lost a tooth.
Tom: He fell down the whole bunker with stairs at our concert at Parc De Prince in Paris.
Gustav: He said "Hello Nice" when we played in "Marseille"! He did that the entire show and was wondering why the crowd behaved a bit strange...
Tom: The list goes on!

Hêlls Mōbscene: Does Bill snore while he's sleeping? Or does he speak when he's dreaming something?
Tom: Yes he does! He would never admit but yeah he speaks a lot when he's dreamin'
Georg: Yes, I saw that too! A couple of times.
Tom: I'll film it for you guys!

Sara Kunzi: Ist Bill abergläubisch?
Gustav: Maybe a little bit.
Tom: Yes he is! I think more than we all! Plus he thinks he has spiritual power. One day when we had a concert in Mexico at a festival he said he has the feeling one of us will die on stage tonight! Twenty minutes before the show he said he has the feelin' it'll be Georg and he'll be shot!
Georg: Yeah I remember! I hated him for that!
Tom: Ha! Yeah you called your Mom before the show and you took it really serious! But we're all lucky... He has no power at all!!!