May 19, 2013

Facebook Update - 19.05.2013

Here are the Gustav questions we picked from all your awesome submissions:

A l i e n ♥: What's the best and the worst thing about Gustav?
Georg: The worst is probably that he can get very bitchy as soon as you try to to criticize him. He can't handle that! 

Tom: So nice of you Georg to start with the worst.I can only tell positive things! The best about Gustav is that he never says anything in band meetings. Not a word! Love that! Haha!!

Savannah Strömberg: What happens if Gustav gets really angry?
Bill: He gets aggressive!
Georg: Oh yes, I can remember when Bill and Gustav got into a physical fight during our first album production!
Tom: Yeah, so much fun! That was serious!
Bill: But it takes some time to make him aggressive. Not everybody can do that.
Georg: In general, he's not an angry person!

Abigail Kaschali: What does Gustav do when alone?
Tom: I don't know. Probably spending a lot of time with little Gustav! I don't even wanna think about that!
Georg: I hope he's praying! Praying that he's getting better with his drums...
Bill: Well, all of you should pray then!
Tom: Yeah Georg! Pray to the Bass-Lord!

Jessy Baemz: What did you miss the most while you had the 'creative break'?
Georg: I don't know... just hanging with the boys in a tour bus...being stupid! Travel! Everything...
Bill: Yes. We had a great time in the studio... the break was important for us as a band and each of us as individual artists. But now we're slowly getting ready to put that aside and get back on the road.