May 9, 2013

Bravo 2013/5 (Hungarian)


Bill Kaulitz is single for 8 years.
Translation by Adri

Why can’t he find the one?
 Love is the most beautiful thing in the world – there’s no one who doesn’t want it! 
There are luckier ones who find their pair early, but many are searching for it for years. 
Bill, the front-man of Tokio Hotel is like this. The 23 year old guy is single for 8 years. 
 He locked himself up.
 Before the summer of 2005, when Tokio Hotel got popular, Bill had 5 girlfriends, and no one since then, though millions of girls dream of him. “Of course I want a relationship too, who doesn’t? The human is gregarious, but I can’t do anything, I just can’t find my other half! I’m thinking about it a lot, what’s the problem, where I went wrong. I’m mistrustful with the strangers, I hardly open up, due to the disappointments of the past years. And trust is a very important thing if you want relationship with someone.” - he said Half-measure is not an option.
 The singer talked more to Bravo about his fears, and from what he said, he seems to be a sensitive and romantic person. “My expectations are too high. Many get into a bad relationship, because that’s more than nothing, while both of them suffer, and doesn’t feel good. People dread form being solitude, so they rather suffer, than being alone. I don’t want this, so I rather live my days as single, until I find the One. I’m not open for temporary solution. If I have someone, I want it to be for ever, and work without compromise” - he admitted Maybe he should reprogram himself, and give a chance to those, with who he doesn’t fall in love immediately? Or he should take the trust issue more easily… 
 According to Tom… ..his brother has to get down to Earth, or else he’ll be alone for ever. “I tell him every day, that his expectations are unrealistic, and it’ll be a miracle, if he finds a girl, with who everything immediately works perfectly. I learned that that love doesn’t come on demand, it’s not like a product you order from a catalog.” said the guitarist. 
 Of course it’s easy for him, because he’s together with Ria, a girl from Hamburg, for almost 4 years. 
 “Many say it’s weird, that he’s living with a girl, who’s more than 4 years older than him. In the beginning I thought it’s crappy too, but they’re good together. Tom is my twin, and the connection between us is much stronger than between other siblings – Ria has to accept this. To ensure that all work well, she has to accept herself with me, and she succeeded” - added Bill. 
 (above the Bill picture) Before Tokio Hotel got popular, Bill had 5 girlfriends, but after that he didn’t let anyone close. 
 (upper right picture) Many girls dream of Bill. (at Fairuz picture) According to rumors, Bill got enchanted by a 16 year old girl. But we don’t have any further information. 
 (picture with the fan) He often takes pictures with fans, but no one night stands form these occasions. 
 (the house picture) The boys moved to this luxury house in Los Angeles, 3 years ago, and since then – beside more or less intermittently – they live here.