Apr 5, 2013

Facebook update - Tokio Hotel answers your questions (05.04.2013)

Just in time for the weekend...our answers to your questions. Enjoy!
 Irena Iličević: The best thing about your aliens?
Tom: That they always support Tom! Ha!
 Bill: No honestly, it's crazy how much support we get from our Alien Family! They're always there, support us in every situation or vote for us in all the competitions.... We haven't released a record in a long time and their loyalty means the world to us! We can't wait to get back on the road, play concerts and have a good time with everybody!
Rubi Rose: G's, what have you done in the last 2-3 years while the twins were in LA?
Georg: We took a break too, enjoyed life and spent time with family and friends. Of course we worked on the record in between, flew to LA, hung out with the twins and did many studio sessions.
Gustav: Yeah, we needed the break but it's time to get back on the road with the guys now.
Sakib Sakic: Say something about the new upcoming album. Will you keep up with your old sound or something new?
Tom: It'll be absolutely epic! We have really spent a lot of time in the studio, worked hard to take the next step with the production and wrote so many songs. Everything feels great. I feel that the break was really important for us as artists.
Bill: Of course you'll hear the typical Tokio Hotel sound, but I guess a lot of songs will be surprising for everybody! I love it!
Nemo∞: If you could learn any language what would it be?
Tom: Mmm... I guess Georch would like to learn Greek since it's his favourite sex practice! Ha ha, I think I would like to learn Spanish.
Bill: I would pick Italian.
Gustav: Mmm...
Georg: Gustav you should learn some German!
Gustav: I’d choose Russian! I already know some so it's not as difficult!
Georg: Ok, I would choose French!