Apr 19, 2013

Facebook Update - 19.04.2013 / Bill,Georg & Gustav answered your questions about Tom.

Thanks so much for all of your questions about Tom! Of course, we did not give him a chance to influence our answers at all :-) Here is the unfiltered truth:
Dhalal Corso: Georg & Gustav - do you think he's still the same guy you met many years ago?

Georg: Unfortunately, YES! Still the same perverted, narcissistic fucker. Haha ...
Gustav: But we love him!

Emilia Hudatzky: What is Tom NOT good at?
Georg: Tough question!
Bill: He's probably pretty bad in being romantic.
Gustav: He's the best at everything else.
Georg: Haha...in his dreams!

Karen Hancock: Have you ever seen Tom cry & what was the reason behind it?
Bill: Of course I've seen him cry! A lot of people don't know that he's a really emotional person and that friendship and loyalty means a lot to him! He can be a pretty serious and also emotional guy when he's not joking.