Mar 3, 2013> Bill made "Bullying" to the candidate of DSDS, Oksana. "You look like a porn star of the 90's"

"You look like a porn star of the 90's"
Actually Dieter Bohlen (59) is the responsable for the attacks on the jury of DSDS. But on Saturday night, was Bill Kaulitz (23, TokioHotel) who put things in terms of extremes. His victim: The candidate Oksana Kolenitchenko .
Berlin woman was with three other girls in the recall of "DSDS" to the jury. After the performance, the hostess received a great review by Bill Kaulitz: "Vocally, you can not compete here. You're not a singer"

Then, the musician went to the personal things: "Apparently, I think you're quite dated. You look like a porn star of the 90s. To me this is just an empty shell." Even after the official evaluation of the jury had not yet peace.

Even when the young singer turned away from the jury, "This is boring!'s Just a blonde woman," said the musician. The candidate Oksana still had confidence. Her reaction: "You can not get to another. I'm sure not everyone likes the taste of Bill."
In deciding this, Bill Kaulitz, then struck again with a surprisingly conciliatory tone.

"I feel that you really don't know me yet. Maybe we will have the opportunity tomorrow to meet us." Oksana then was able to move to the next round.

Eight others were packing heir bags: To Diyana Hensel (23), Sergen Horaz (17), Rene Müller (19), Daniel Abazi (17), Micha Markgraf (21), Jolijn Middelhoff (23), Kevin Dukes (36) and Vincent Weiß (19) "DSDS" ended tonight.
The remaining candidates are allowed on Saturday to sing their favorite song. Then the jury will judge probably even harder.

Translated by Tokio Hotel World Fans