Jan 10, 2013

bravo.de> Bill Kaulitz - What do you think about his style? HOT or NOT??

Bill Kaulitz the DSDS juror draws attention.
 How about his style? Hot or Not? Rate it!
In "DSDS" Bill Kaulitz was noted more for his extravagant style than for his words. A total of four different styles that Tokio Hotel star showed in the first episode on January 5th, 2013.
Bill Kaulitz was in the show with a five-day beard. At the age of 23, he has his hair platinum blonde, almost gray, his hair sometimes goes up in the wild style, sometimes biased or completely back four perforations adorning his face. Chest and hands have huge tattoos. And then the clothes: Especially studs and leather define the style of singer.
What do you think about his style? HOT or NOT?

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Source: http://www.bravo.de/lifestyle/mode-style/hot-or-not-krasser-look-von-bill-kaulitz


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