Apr 7, 2012

Tokio Hotel VIP call - 06.04.2012

Bill: Hey guys, this is Bill from Tokio Hotel and we´re all together on the phone to answer some more fan questions and the question today is: Do you guys like to read and if yes what….
 Georg: I like to read the Playboy… sometimes!
 Tom: Georg never read a book. So that´s….
 Georg: No! Not a book! But the Playboy.
 Bill: Honestly I´m not that much into like reading. Like I´m more the movie guy… I like to watch DVD…. I´ve probably seen every movie in the world
 Tom: … (laughs)
 Bill: No I don´t really have a favorite book…
 Tom: I have a favorite book. It´s “Kill your friends”. That´s like a really cool book.
 Bill: I never read this one but I heard it´s really good… Alright thank you and have a good day. Bye
 Tom, Georg & Gustav: Bye

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