Mar 30, 2012

Tokio Hotel VIP Call 30.03.2012 - Singing In The Shower

Bill: Hey you, it´s Bill from Tokio Hotel! We´re sitting here all together to answer another fan question and the question today is: do you sing in the shower?
Georg: mhm... 
Bill: I think it´s for everyone. I mean I definitely sing in the shower like... 
Tom: I never sing. I never sing... It´s true! I mean I never sing... 
Bill: I sing all day long honestly. Especially when I´m alone at home and everyone else is just gone and I´m in an empty house or something I´m like singing all the time.
Tom: And especially when bill just woke up it sounds amazing! I mean... (laughs) 
Bill: No but I sing all the time. I think yeah it´s just normal. I think everything is like that. But ehm ja... I sing under the shower, I sing everywhere. So... 
Georg: For me it´s not the shower. For me it´s more the toilet where I like to sing. A lot of fun... (laughs) Tom: You sit like the whole day, do big business and.. 
Georg: Yeah and sing some songs! 
Tom: Right! 
Bill: That´s why you´re such a good singer. Cause you spend so much time on the toilet... 
Georg: True!
Bill: You can practice a lot... 
Georg: Yes.. 
Bill: Alright! Have a great day and hear you soon. Bye 
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