Mar 12, 2012

New Tokio Hotel VIPCall

Bill: Hey you, it´s Tokio Hotel and we wanna call you because we need some inspiration for Georgs...
Bill & Tom: birthday!
Bill: Yeah
Tom: Party!
Bill: Party!
Tom: Maybe like a really cool theme like... something like coyote ugly party
(Bill laughs)
Tom: like a girls party or something...
Bill: A theme party would be nice! Yeah!
Tom: Yeah!
Bill: No but it´s just around the corner. Are you excited Georg?
Georg: I´m totally excited. I´m getting really old now.
Bill: I know. It´s kind of too old. I mean...
Tom: How old? 28 or what was it?
Georg: ...five
Bill: But I think it would be a great idea to fly to Vegas. I mean we´ve just been there together. ... But it´s been a lot of fun and a great time
Tom: ...what you did in Vegas... strip clubs and...
Bill: Tell your girlfriend.
Tom: Yeah tell your girlfriend.
Georg: She was with us. Don´t you remember?
Bill: So okay... let us know about some great ideas for Georgs birthday and we hear you pretty soon.
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