Mar 2, 2012 : Did the several millions destroy "Tokio Hotel"?

They were admired and adored and sold six million CD's worldwide.
"Tokio Hotel" (Superhit: "Durch den Monsun") were germany's most successful rock band about six years ago.
Now the shock photos of Bill Kaulitz from Los Angeles: The lead singer is totally broken-down and deathly pale. Also his twin brother Tom seems to be exhausted.
Did the several millions destroy Tokio Hotel? BILD answers the most important questions.

How rich are the twins nowadays?

With the age of 18 they were already millionaires. Their debut album "Schrei" was released in year 2005 and was sold 1,5 million times. An industry expert says: "Each of them still have got about 4 million Euros at their bank accounts. Everytime an old song of them is being played, they're still receiving money, so-called royalties."

BILD found out: "Tokio Hotel" were supposed to earn 1,2 million for being a part of the jury at "The Voice". Denial!

The money doesn't matter for them. But: their life is expensive! They're partying in L.A. in the most classy locations (for example SoHo House) and drive expensive cars (for example Audi R8 - 200.000€).

Will the band ever perform again?

Vaguely. Reportedly they're working for more than 2 years on a new CD. Bad sign: Bill has recorded a song "If I die tomorrow" with the band "Far East Movement". Without his brother Tom.

Are the twins taking drugs?
Hard drugs: unknown! Alcohol: always! Particularly Tom is known for his vodka excesses. The heavy parties came along with the fame.

Where does "Tokio Hotel" live these days?

In autumn 2010 the twins fled from their fans and moved to Los Angeles. Stalkers always threatened them. These days the twins are living with their manager David Jost in a mansion which includes a recording studio in the Hollywood Hills. The music producer is one of their closest confidant and only connection to Germany.

Gustav (Drums) and Georg (Bass) left the music world. They're living quite withdrawn with their girlfriends in Magdeburg.

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