Feb 10, 2012

New VIPCall message!

Bill: „Hey you it's Tokio Hotel and we are here to answer some more fan questions this week and we have a question from Caroline from Argentina she wants to know 'what's your favorite flavor of ice-cream and what's your favorite food?'."
Tom: "Ähm, my favorite food is plum and Georg..."
Bill: "No, honestly like for me I really love watermelon, like I could eat watermelon every day. I like watermelon juice a lot [...] so I would definitely say watermelon."
Tom: "Same with me with plum! Like plum juice and plum."
Georg: "Oh god. I like apples, I think."
Gustav: "Apples!"
Georg: "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!"
Bill: "I would love to eat apples but the thing is I have an allerg,y so I can't."
Georg: "Oh, that's really sad. What about ice cream?"
Gustav: "Me, it's chocolate."
Tom: "Lemon!"
Bill: "Yeah, for me too. I like lemon ice cream."
Georg: "Lemon is great."
Tom: "We have another question from Maria from Moscow 'Georg and Gustav do you guys also have a beard like Bill and Tom?'."
Georg: "Uhm, no. We don't have a beard but we have a lot of beer..."
Bill: "They're still waiting for..."
Georg: "Yeah, I have to shave myself like once a month..."
Bill: "But you guys have a great downstair hair..." -- Tom: "...downstairs hair!"
Georg: "Yeah, I have a great downstair beard!"
Bill: "Alright you guys thank you so much we hear you pretty soon."
Bill & Tom, Georg, Gustav: "Bye."

Transcript by THLiechtenstei

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