Jan 26, 2012

Tokio Hotel - VIP call 24/1/2012

BILL: Hey you, I hope you had an amazing start in 2012. Today I wanna know what´s your new year’s resolution. So for me personally I have to say I don´t really have one. I never had that. I don´t know why…. 
TOM: … I have a lot of them… 
BILL: I know but…. If I wanna change something or I wanna do something different I would do it right away. So I never really have that, but….. 
TOM: I have a good one: I don´t wanna be mean to Georg anymore! 
GEORG: ohh that would be so great! 
TOM: … I mean I would try. I cannot promise but I try…. I wanna teach you how to play a guitar Bill! 
BILL: Oh yeah that´s right. I would love to do a guitar lesson… I think I´m a little bit lazy but…. 
TOM: … you can make it. You just have to believe in yourself! 
[everybody laughs] 
BILL: Yeah I wanna know your resolutions. So just let us know in the mailbox. Thank you very much 

Transcript from THWonderland

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