Jan 22, 2012

TH – 19.01.12 Bravo Web TV


Kay: And I will do an interview with him. No, with Bill! What is with them, actually? Have you heard about them?
Sascha: No no, I just see a couple of photos, now they are blogging and so. He has a new tattoo, and a new tattoo, and then a new piercing ..
Kay: But we don’t hear about them anymore, hm? Tokio Hotel ..
Sascha: Well they are about to work on their new album or something.
Kay: Really?
Sascha: But your were big friends before, what happened?
Kay: I haven’t called them for 6 months or something, and then their cell phone numbers didn’t work anymore. Bill, if you are watching Bravo Web TV with Kay One and Sascha right now, can you .. just call Bravo, alright? Because if I’d say on Facebook, I’d get such a spam again. Uhm, you think he’s watching?
Sascha: Sometimes he watches ..
Kay: Bill, honestly, I am in America very often now, I know what women you know there (laughs) call me, okay? It’s important, we have to talk about some business connections and so on ..

translated by P.2K

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