Jan 21, 2012

Frida 02/12

Bill about his new style
New country, new hairstyle and different sound. The move from Germany has changed Tokio Hotel, but most of all Bills coveted appearance.

Despite the silence, Tokio Hotel hasn’t disappeared from the earth’s surface. Whereas the boys have moved to Los Angeles where they to the fans relief work on a new record which they recently announced will only be in English. – “I felt for it. We live in Los Angeles now and we’ve gotten used to doing a lot in English”, Bill explains. Whether the German language is out of the question for good, he answers abit mysterious: – “We haven’t decided that yet.”

How do you write your songs?
- “It’s very different. Sometimes I only write down a couple of ideas, sometimes I just keep them in my head and sometimes I sing in my cellphone. We can also sit down together and play guitar and see what we come up with. We often work along side with a producer.”

Is it easy to write songs?
- “There are days when we just chill together and eat pizza, since we don’t have any ideas whatsoever. When we’re not in the mood, we don’t write any music and do something else instead. We’ve got a pingpong-table in our studio and sometimes we end up playing it the entire day.”

Do you sing in the shower?
- “Yes, of course!”

Back in 2008 you had surgery for your vocal cords. How did you manage to get through that?
- “It was really hard because the band were on tour in Europe and all the concert tickets were sold out. We only played 8 concert and had 18 left, but couldn’t continue. I was standing on the stage when I began to lose my voice. After the surgery I wasn’t allowed to speak, so I had to write everything I wanted to say on a piece of paper. I was lucky to have Tom who could speak for me. The fact that we’re twins, he only had to look at me to see what I was thinking. I am glad that it’s over. I had to learn to sing again and haven’t had any other problems after that.”

Did you ever think you’d have to quit due to the voice?
- “No, never, because the tour went so well. It was so exciting to tour around the world, something I never thought I’d be able to do.”

Unique style
Bill cut his famous punkhair and switched it into short, blonde hair in order to fit in, in his new hometown Los Angeles. – “Before, when it was longer, it took really long time to fix it. But now it goes a lot faster. This hairstyle is the fastest one to fix of the ones I’ve had so far. This morning it took about 5 mins.”
How much do you fix yourself?
- “I am used to do everything since middle school, so I am way faster now. But it’s not often that I do exactly everything on my own. I’ve got people who help me out with the makeup and the hair. The only thing I’ve to think about is putting on clothe.s, I don’t need to think about the rest.”

A Brazilian magazine did a survery to find the hottest person of the year and you were on top 3. What do you think about that?
- “It’s so cool with the fans’ onlinevotings. I don’t think I am that beautiful, but thanks anyway.”

Translated by EEELIINA @ THUS.

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