Jan 7, 2012


Bill: "Finally we got to see! Tom and me spent our day off in disneyland. Check out this amazing fireworks..."
Fan: "To be honest, when Tom said "sth fun" I though about a veeeery different thing... Disneyland was not on the list but anyway I hope you had a lots of fun :-)"
Bill: "@Rana: What was on your list? I love Disneyland :-)"
Fan: "@Bill i would love to go to Disneyland but every time i go to paris its for a tokio hotel show and i haven´t time^^ <3"
Bill: "@Marine traumer: the one in Paris is amazing!!! You should go there one day... I was there when I was 10.."
Fan: "@Bill did u get to see Buzz and Woody?"
Bill: "@Ashley Ann: Yes... I saw them:-)"
Fan: "@Bill what do you like best of Disney?? *_*"
Bill: "@Anna Paula: I love the Indiana Jones ride!"
Fan: "Wow! Disneyland! You guys should try the rides in MovieWorld, DreamWorld or Waterworld in Gold Coast, Australia if you´re visiting the land down under ;-)"
Tom: "@Rachel Maurice: I would love to go there!!!"

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