Jan 29, 2012

27.01.12 VIP Call

BILL: Hey you! We’re Tokio Hotel and we’re just calling you because we answer some fan questions and today we have a question from Joanne from Russia. And, uh, she wants to know: Bill, do you like to get or to give presents more and what would be the perfect present for you? So, uhm, actually I like.. of course..
TOM: It’s hard to believe, but Bill likes to.. like.. give.
BILL: Ja, I like to give presents to somebody, but it’s always nice to get a present. I mean, that’s for sure. But I just feel happy when someone else is feeling happy and if I have a great present and – and – and I just can make someone happy with that. It’s just a great feeling, I mean, for me it’s just.. That makes me really happy, to see and then just..
TOM: I always lie to get presents. To be honest.
BILL: Ja, I mean.. [someone says something at the same time]
TOM: [laughs]

BILL: … is great. Ja, of course. Of course it is. So, uhm, yeah. The next question is from Tatia(?) from Moscow and she wants to know how I spend my free time. Uhm..
TOM: Strip clubs.
BILL: No, I just..
GEORG: [says something I can’t understand]
BILL: I’m like a kid. So I like all the, uhm..
TOM: Kids stuff?
BILL: All the kids stuff. Ja, I like to bowl, I like to be in, uh, theme parks, I like rollercoasters, I like the, uh, to go to the movies, I.. Ja, just – just the basic stuff.
TOM: Barbie dolls, playing with Barbie dolls.
BILL: [laughs]
GEORG: Awh..
BILL: No, it’s more the simple stuff. I like to, yeah.. I like to be with my family and friends and just do something really fun and, uhm.. Ja! And I also like to be with Georg and Gustav in my free time of course..
ALL: [laugh]
GEORG: [something I can’t understand] ..with friends, right? [laughs]
BILL: Ja, it’s a separate thing, Georg!
GEORG: Yeah..
ALL: [laugh]
TOM: Not the friends, just Georg and Gustav.
BILL: [laughs]

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